Vikings of Middle England


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Norðvegur Hásetar portrays a household under Ragnall ua Ímair of the Norse Uí Ímair Dynasty which ruled much of the Irish Sea region, the Kingdom of Dublin, the western coast of Scotland, including the Hebrides, the Isle of Mann and some parts of Northern England including Jorvik (York), from the mid 9th century.

Ragnall, was the grandson of famed Viking Ímar ‘the Boneless’ who led the Great Heathen Army that invaded East Anglia in the 865. He was known in the Annals of Ulster as ‘king of the fair foreigners and the dark foreigners.’ Ragnall ruled Dublin and the Isle of Mann, and fought against Constantín son of Áed, the king of Scotland and Ealdred son of Eadwulf, ruler of all or some part of Northumbria, at the Battle of Corbridge that allowed Ragnall to stamp his authority as the King of York.

The period Norðvegur represents is one of reckless expansion and new but risky opportunities for powerful households to exploit. If they can rise and cement their power, they can found a lasting legacy worthy of the Sagas. We explore the world of wealth and power, relationships between the landed and their hirðmen, gift-giving and oath-making, and how the Viking raiders adjusted to becoming overlords in strange new lands.

Norðvegur is currently the oldest house, with many members reaching the rank of Huskarl and above during their time, and newer members benefit from the experience and wealth of knowledge longevity brings. We have a relaxed and laid back approach to recreating the Viking-Age, always seeking to help the group grow and expand both numbers and knowledge through sharing our skills and practice.


Kael Scullasson, House Lord, Landsman of Tÿrslið
Garhelm, House Second in Charge, Bondi of Tÿrslið
Yngvar the smith, House Merkismaðr, Landsman of Tÿrslið

Shields and Colours

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