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Sverð Blóðir portrays traders and settlers originating from Denmark and venturing out into the wider world. While originating from Denmark, through trade and settlement Sverð Blóðir draws upon a rich world spanning through what would become the Netherlands, Normandy, England and the Danish/ German border.

The house portrays the period between the landing of the Great Heathen Army in 865 to the fall of Hedeby at the hands of the Holy Roman Empire in 974. In this evocative age we see the rise of the Danelaw in England, the settlement of Normandy and the growth of Christianity in Denmark. Members of Sverð Blóðir are swept up in this age of change which brings, violence, opportunity and enterprise.

Given the scope of change happening in this period and the geographic diversity the Danes encountered, Sverð Blóðir have a wide range of portrayals and a diverse set of members. Historically interested in this age of Danish expansion and exploration we explore the everyday lives of people shaping the new world around them. We also explore how trade and ideas flowed both ways with the way trade changed the Danes and how the settlers adapted to their new worlds.

Fielding some of the oldest and youngest members, Landsman and Lysingi alike, we are a welcoming house to all prospective members. In recent years Sverð Blóðir has seen a rapid growth in new members and the return of several old ones. Sverð Blóðir have a strong house ethic and enjoy the social side of exploring the past.


Snorri, House Lord, Huskarl of Tÿrslið
Katla, Second in Command, Huskarl of Tÿrslið

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